Over the undersurface


The art of Erzsebet Nagy SAAR is the sentient layering. In her decollages layers with disparate motifs but common entities are assembled to a symbiosis. What was once considered a fractured foundation is finding sentient ease in its new form. In return the past serves as a stimulus for its estranged continuation and therefore enables the birth of a new motif. Among the layers interdependent threads are woven, which draw ultimately to a vulnerable core; where sensitivity reveals its actual, sore being. Yet it shall and must never perish, but on the contrary it must exhibit itself in a proud pose of sensitive assets. 


Erzsebet Nagy SAAR’s decollages are to be interpreted as an ode to sensitivity; to this deeply humane trait that is the last gleam to remain when nothing else seems to.


Nagy studied in Canada, at the Florida International University, in Cambridge, Madrid and Vienna, where she lives and works today. She describes her own life as a decollage, which is marked by its self-determined assembling. 


© Dominik Niebauer 2015